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Afghanistan’s Economic Problems in 2011

Sun Jan 01, 10:58 am

Although 2011 was a challenging year for economic developments in Afghanistan but some government officials and private sectors say that despite of all these challenges, the economic developments and investments in 2011 were as usual.

The continued crisis of Kabul Bank which led to the cessation of $ 1.3 billion contributions of international community thought international monetary fund (IFM), transit problems with neighboring countries, non-payment of taxes by investors and businessmen and slow investment process are considered the major challenges for economic developments in 2011.

Various figures believe that these challenges were very difficult and brittle for the Afghanistan’s new economy.

Meanwhile, officials of some government and private institutions said economic growth in 2011 was as usual and no changes seemed.

Domestic revenues in 2011 had increased 30% in compare to previous years, government officials said.

Meanwhile, Afghanistan Investment Support Agency (AISA) officials said the start of transferring security responsibilities to Afghan forces is effective for foreign investments in Afghanistan.

AISA suggests Afghan government and especially economic sectors hard working to eliminate the concerns of traders and foreign investors after the withdrawal of international forces.

Afghanistan has made significant economic growth during the last ten years. According to national and international statistics, Afghanistan economic growth raises 10 % annually.

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