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Afghan Troops currently unable to independently defend the territory: Wardak

Tue May 01, 12:40 pm

Reliance on the long-term strategic cooperation agreements with the World and regional countries were the basic necessities of the country—so far the Afghan troops were not capable of independently defending the country, Defense Minister Abdul Rahim Wardak.

The Defense Minister, Abdul Rahim Wardak, in an exclusive interview with Ariana Television Channel, praised the proposed Afghan-US strategic pact, due to be signed in near future, saying the treaty would help strengthening the Afghan Military.

“Regional conflicts, international terrorism, extremism, organized crime and arms smuggling are the factors due to which, currently Afghanistan is unable to independently defend its territory. Until we have not become capable of defeating these threats, we have to rely on our National Security Strategy along with the cooperation of regional strategies,” the Defense Minister said.

“Our National Security Strategy also relies on friendship relations with the world, regional and neighboring countries and also on economic development,” he stressed.

In response to a question regarding the Afghan aircrafts at Pakistan, the Defense Minister Wardak said, “Our 17 military aircrafts are still at Pakistan. When I was the Army Chief, I formally asked Pakistan to return the aircrafts but they presented me the parking bill of the planes which worth more than the prices of the planes.” “Those aircrafts are now unusable” he added.

He said the Afghan Forces were 50 percent capable of leading the war in the country and hoped that by the year 2014, the forces would become capable of defending the entire country.

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