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Afghan traders complain against lack of proper peanut market

Wed Nov 09, 1:48 pm

Afghan traders in South East say that there isn’t any proper market for peanut sale.

These dry fruits are exported to other countries labeled Pakistani product and most benefits are gained by Pakistani traders.

Khost Chamber of Commerce president Nawab Amirzai confirming the problems says that so far the government has not taken the issue seriously.

Civil wars over the past few decades along with other damages have also badly affected Paktia natural forests.

Although much of peanut trees have been destroyed but still many peanuts have been collected in this autumn season.

Afghan traders complain against the lack of proper markets for the sale of these dry fruits.

They work hard to collect these dry fruits but Pakistani traders earn more benefits.

On one hand the officials don’t have coordination with traders while on the other hand there isn’t any proper system therefore Afghanistan’s most dry fruits are illegally exported to other countries, added Nawab Amirzai.

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