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Afghan security forces take security responsibilities of Takhar province

Wed Apr 04, 5:30 pm

The security responsibilities of northern Takhar province center; Taluqan and sixteen others districts were handed over to Afghan security forces on Tuesday.

“Political collusion and the overt intervention of influential people in security system are the serious threats for Afghan security forces”, Dr. Ashraf Ghani Ahmadzai; the chairman of security transition process said.

Mr. Ahmadzai said, “Takhar province security is threatened by the political and military officials, who misuse their authorities and try to disrupt the situation”. They abuse to undermine our security forces, he added.

He also said, “The recent security incidents in Takhar province does not means that president Karzai decisions would not be implemented in this province”.

On the other hand, Takhar governor Abdul Jabar Taqwa said, “The distribution of military equipments to Afghan security forces is useless, until they gain long-term trainings”.

Najeebullah Khaliqyar, the head of Takhar provincial council said, “Government has dedicated balance budget for Takhar and draft it according to the districts population, in order to gain more public support for the successful completion of security transition process”.

The ceremony of transferring security responsibility to Afghan security forces held at Saray-e-Sang airport, 10 km far from Takhar center, Taluqan.

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