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Afghan photographer wins US Interaction Award for Peace

Thu May 10, 12:57 pm

Afghan photojournalist Najeebullah Musafir’s photo won second position in US Interaction International Contest.

US photojournalist Alisa won first position, for her photo taken in Afghanistan, in this contest.

Afghan photographer Musafir has previously received the US Interaction Award for Peace in 2005.  He has also participated in some other contests of the interaction institution and placed in 1st, 2nd and 3rd position.

The Interaction Institution organizes international photo contests in the United States annually. This year, hundreds of photographers submitted their photos from many countries of the world and Najeebullah Musafir’s photo won second place.

The International Interaction Award is one of the most prestigious awards in the field of photojournalism in the world.

It is said by some that the Interaction Award’s value is equivalent to the Pulitzer or the World Press award.
Earlier this year, Afghan Photojournalist Massoud Hussaini received a Pulitzer Prize for his photograph of an Afghan girl screaming in shock after witnessing the Ashura bombing at a Kabul mosque on December 6, 2011 that killed 54 people. He was the first Afghan journalist to receive the Pulitzer Prize.

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