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Afghan people to consider Bonn Conference important for their country

Mon Dec 05, 12:43 pm

A recent survey showed that Afghan people consider Bon conference import for their country future.

Thirteen civil society organizations completed their four-month survey and interviewed 1500 people in 31 provinces of Afghanistan.

“This survey was aimed to convey Afghans’ demands to the Bonn Conference” Fahim Hakim deputy chairman Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission said.

Mr. Hakim said the survey shows that Afghan people stress on peace stability, social justice, fight with administrative corruptions and human rights protection.

According to the survey, Afghanistan people demands to prevent external intervention particularly ISI, night raids and establishment of specific method for peace trend.

The survey comes as 2nd Bonn conference is being held in Germany by the participation of 89 countries and International organizations.

The International Community will also promise for new commitments to Afghanistan in Bonn Conference.

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