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Afghan Central Bank prints new currency notes

Tue Feb 21, 1:10 pm

Afghanistan’s Central Bank is printing new currency notes worth one hundred billion Afghanis.

Legal steps to print a billion new bank notes were completed last year.  “Additional notes will be printed in the second stage based on existing monetary policy,” Chief of Afghanistan’s Central Bank, Norullah Dilawari said.

“Printing and publishing new currency notes was the common need of market and monetary policy and is not related to currency fluctuations” Mr. Dilawari added.

He added that more than 240 billion Afghanis have been printed in the past few years and that all distribution was based on market needs.

He also announced an increase in currency reserves. Based on the reports, the Central Bank of Afghanistan, while printing new notes during the last eight years has simultaneously eliminated more than eleven billion Afghanis that were worn out.

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