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Afghan and Pakistani Taliban established a new Council

Wed Jan 04, 1:33 pm

Recently, while the Taliban have expressed readiness for Qatar Office aimed for dialogue with international community, some reports say that Afghani and Pakistani Taliban made an alliance to fight against foreign forces in Afghanistan.

Based on these reports, Afghani and Pakistani Taliban have created a five-member council and committed to jointly fight against international troops in Afghanistan.

According to the reports, Mullah Nazir’s group in Southern Waziristan, Hakimullah Mehsoud and Mullah Wali-ur-Rehman groups that are members of Pakistani Taliban Movement have agreed on unity of Afghani and Pakistani Taliban. Haqqani Network and Hafiz Gul Bahar’s group also joined the newly established council.

Mullah Muhammad Omar; leader of Afghani Taliban has asked Pakistani Taliban to focus on fight against NATO forces in Afghanistan.

Recently, Mullah Omar was worried about Pakistani Taliban’s focus on Pakistan that could affect Afghani Taliban’s fight against NATO forces in Afghanistan.

While the Afghan analysts say that the alliance of Pak-Afghan Taliban took place after the mentioned concerns of Mullah Omar. The analysts consider Pakistani intelligence agency ISI also behind this newly established Taliban council.

Political analyst Javed Kohistani said the recent readiness of Taliban for Qatar Office has took place without consultation with Mullah Omar.

Release of Taliban members from Guantanamo Bay can create a new movement among this newly established council.

This Taliban statement comes in such a time where peace process has become more serious.

Recently, a delegation of Hezb-a-Islami, led by Gull Budin Hikmatyar has arrived Kabul for peace talks.

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