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Afghan and International Forces joint operations to be reduced

Thu Sep 20, 1:21 pm

NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen announced, “NATO and Afghan Forces joint operations against terrorism will be reduced.”

According to Rasmussen the purpose of this reduced interaction is to decrease the “risk ratios” that exist against NATO.

NATO forces have been targeted on an increasing basis by Afghan individuals dressed in police forces uniforms, ANA uniforms, ALP uniforms, and US Army uniforms.   These “green on blue” killings have caused NATO officials to reassess the amount of exposure that should be allowed for their service members to have with Afghan forces.

Because of the assassinations of international forces by their Afghan colleagues, NATO has asked its military officials to decrease the numbers joint operations in Afghanistan between its forces and the local forces.

NATO Secretary General says, “Narrowing joint operations with Afghan forces is a precaution and is a temporary decision. The purpose is to decrease the risk rate that exists against NATO.  These decisions cannot change our strategies and we will still hand over the security responsibilities in a gradual transition to Afghan forces.

He also emphasized “We will continue our partnership, support, and consultancy to train Afghan Forces. On some issues partnerships may remain suspended, meaning that Afghan Security Forces will be seen as being capable of conducting the operations themselves.”

He clearly expressed this decision to not do joint as many joint operations with Afghan forces does not mean NATO has changed its promises. He also said that Afghan Security Forces will have complete Security Responsibility for the country after the year 2014.

At the same press briefing, Albanian President Bujar Nishani said that Albania will keep its promises to remain in Afghanistan with NATO through 2014.  He said, “Albania promises to stay in Afghanistan beside its other allies.”  The security transition process will continue through 2014

Afghan officials have expressed concerns about the lack of modern combat weapons once the international forces exit from Afghanistan by the end of year 2014.

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