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ADB to donate $75.4m to the Afghan Ministry of Finance

Sun Jan 22, 4:22 pm

Asian Development Bank (ADB) President Robert Rinker signed the agreement on Saturday with the Afghan Finance Minister Hazrat Omar Zakhilwal.

ADB pledged to donate $75.4m to the Afghan Ministry for the renovation of Greshk Hydropower unit, Afghan Finance Minister Mr. Zakhilwal said.

Mr. Zakhilwal said all the technical equipments of the Greshk Hydropower would be renewed with the pledged amount and thus the power production would also increase.

The project will be completed within two years under supervision of Breshna Power Company and with its implementation; thousands of families would be provided electricity, Mr. Zakhilwal added.

The Greshk Hydropower unit currently produces 1.2 MW power while after the completion of ADB project, its production will increase to 4.5 MW power.

Asian Development Bank (ADB) has started its operations since 2003 in Afghanistan and annually donates bout 300 million dollars for the infrastructure of Afghanistan.

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