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Abduction and money extortion is rising in Kabul-Ghazni highway

Sun Jun 10, 2:08 pm

Kidnappings and lootings of the passengers by the unidentified gunmen have increased in Kabul-Ghazni highway, officials voiced fears.

The deputy Governor of Ghazni Ahmad Ali Ahmadi says unidentified armed people kidnap the passengers, who apparently seem wealthy, and demand ransom in exchange for their release.

He said Ghazni Provincial Assembly has assigned a delegation to review and discuss the matter with the officials of Wardak province, located in the way between Kabul and Ghazni.

A member of Ghazni Council Nader Khan Girowal also confirmed the issue, saying most of the traders were faced with serious challenges and couldn’t freely travel through the highway.

The Ghazni citizens have also expressed fears about the worsening situation, saying so far, about 50 people have been kidnapped in Kabul-Ghazni highway but some of them were released after paying money to abductors.

But the officials in central Wardak province reject the claims as baseless, saying there isn’t any problem for the passengers while travelling through the Kabul-Ghazni highway.

Wardak Police Chief Abdul Qayum Baqizoi said during the last one year there was no any case of kidnappings and money extortion in Kabul-Ghazni highway.

Wardak is considered one of the insecure provinces of Afghanistan where mostly the clashes occur between the forces and militants.

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