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A military court sentenced an Afghan soldier to death

Mon Apr 09, 12:55 pm

The appeal court of the Afghan defense ministry has sentenced an Afghan soldier, accused of killing his commander, to death.

The accused soldier; Sayed Noor Muhammad Shah has convicted of killing his commander Mirwais (the commander of 205 Atal Corps). The accused solider killed his commander while he was on duty in Qalat, the capital city of southern Zabul province, last December.

The accused soldier trail held on 8th April 2012 at the conference hall of 205 Atal Corps. The defense lawyer was also given the opportunity to defend the accused soldier, but he could not and the court sentenced Noor Muhammad Shah to death.

The primary court, which held in February 2012, had also sentenced the accused soldier to death.

After announcing the death penalty, B. Gen. Islam-ud-din Nizamyar said, “The accused soldier can defend himself in the final trail”.

Earlier, the tails of some policemen and army soldiers, accused of abusing their uniforms were held publically.

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