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91% Afghans satisfied with security: ISAF

Sun Dec 16, 8:39 pm

ISAF authorities assert that the recent Afghan-NATO operations against Taliban armed groups has was been effective and they claim the impact of the operations has been to disable the Taliban to some extent.

ISAF spokesperson in Afghanistan Brigadier General Gunter Katz said, “91% Afghan Citizens seem to be satisfied regarding the last three months security sustention.”  This report from ISAF was made at the same time that the Human rights commission’s statistics show civilian casualties have increased in the past four months.

Brigadier General Gunter Katz also said, “Afghan-NATO joint operations against Taliban Groups have increased, causing the Taliban groups to become weaker.”

Brigadeer General Katz spoke about the survey feedback gathered by them, saying, “ISAF runs a general security sustention observance survey every three months in Afghanistan, our recent achievements indicate that 91% of Afghan citizens seem to be satisfied about progressive improvements in peace and stability in Afghanistan and they are looking forward for more stability of the region as well.”

According to NATO authorities they are increasing efforts to equip and train Afghan security forces.  Also, in another two years they will conduct joint attempts to destroy armed Taliban and the leaders of these groups.

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