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90 million textbooks required in schools: Education Ministry

Tue May 01, 12:33 pm

The distributions of the textbooks among the students have been delayed as no fund was considered in the National Budget for printing the textbooks, the Education Ministry officials said.

The problems of the shortage of textbooks would not resolve, until the ministry of education was not provided funds for the printing of 90 million textbooks, the officials said.

“The contracts of printing of 45 million textbooks were signed with foreign printing press companies particularly Indonesia, India and UAE. So far 20 million textbooks have reached in Afghanistan and 14 million of them have been distributed,” Publications Department Head of Education Ministry, Attaullah Wahidyar said.

He said since last eight months, about 4.4 million textbooks have been trapped at Pakistan’s Karachi port due to several reasons.

According to him, the printing press companies in Afghanistan have not developed much to meet the demands of Education Ministry.

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