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80% decrease in forest cutting

Wed Dec 14, 1:07 pm

Konar local officials and residents say that forest cutting is continuing in the province while the Governor tells about decrease of forest cuttings.

Cruel cutting of forests continue in insecure areas, like Shuriak, Panj dara, Nangam and Kor Nagal regions of that province, Konar Agriculture officials said.

These officials blamed powerful for the case and said the cut trees are illegally transferred to the regional and neighboring countries.

Konar local residents are worried about continuously cutting of forests in this province and said that almost half of forests in the province have been cut and this process is still continued.

On the other hand, Hassan Adil president of Konar provincial council considered that various local authorities and security officials are involve in forests cutting.

Meanwhile, Konar Governor Fazlullah Wahidi confirmed that forest cutting are continue in insecure areas but overall forest cuttings has decreased.

The government has not commented about provincial and security officials’ involvement in cutting and smuggling of forests wood.

Forests have been cut and smuggled through powerful from Konar and other provinces of Afghanistan since last three decades and government has not acted in this regard yet.

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