06:18 pm - Tuesday 30 September 2014

70,000 Konkor attendees will enroll in Semi Higher Education Institutions

Sun Apr 01, 6:41 pm

More than 70,000 grade 12 graduates, who could not succeed in recent university entrance tests (Konkor) will enroll in semi-higher education institutions, an education ministry official said on Saturday.

Most school graduates could not pass the university entrance tests during last few years.

This year, the ministry of education announced that more than 70, 000 students who obtained more than 240 marks in recent university entrance tests will be enrolled in semi-higher education institutions.

The lower house of the parliament decided to summon the ministers of education and higher education to brief the house about the failure of most students in the university entrance tests.

Almost 150, 000 students attended the university entrance test and only 40, 000 of them found their way to universities.

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