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62 newly successful candidates are willing Court verdicts to be respected

Sat Aug 20, 10:12 am

Objecting candidates of last year’s Parliamentary election said: “They won’t accept decision of IEC if that was against the decrees of Appeal Court and Special Electoral Tribunal”. They said: Courts in Afghanistan have honorable place and if decrees of these courts are underestimated then, crucial crises can be created in the country.

These objecting candidates say: “The candidates, who are announced successful by the Special Electoral Tribunal, should be given their seats in the House of Representatives. They warned that: “The current crises of Afghanistan can be more crucial if the Government deal with Independent Election Commission regarding the Parliamentary Election”. These objecting candidates want the decree of Courts should be respected and they declared:

“Many foreign hands are involved to complicate the Parliamentary election dispute” They say: “President Karzai and IEC don’t have the right to alter the decisions of Special Electoral Tribunal who announced these objecting candidates winner”.

Some news agencies claim that officials of IEC declared: “Perhaps, around 10 in-service representatives will be unseated, and objecting candidates will be given the seats in the House of Representatives”.

But these declarations are not confirmed yet.

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