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55 % Men Are Against Women’s Inheritance Rights: recent survey

Mon Dec 19, 12:47 pm

A recent survey in Afghanistan shows that 55 percent of men believe that women do not have right to obtain Heritage.

The survey was done in ten provinces of Afghanistan by women and children research institutions by the support of United Nations Development Fund and six thousand people were interviewed in this regard.

According to the survey 67 percent of literate women have benefited from the legacy while 55 percent of men are opposed of women’s inheritance rights.

The survey was aimed to support women getting their inheritance rights, officials said.

They are planning new strategies to support women having their fundamental rights, officials added.

While a number of women activists say that such programs can be effective in providing better women’s rights.

The main property and inheritance rights of women in Afghanistan are being violated due to worst customs in Afghan societies and last three decade wars in the country.

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