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AWCC, Ariana television celebrate the dignity of women

Mon Mar 11, 9:35 pm

Afghan Wireless Communication Company and the Ariana Television honored their female employees in conjunction with the globally-observed World Women’s Day with a special recognition program.

Officials held the ceremony to remind the women present that they play a very important role in all aspects of Afghan life.

AWCC president Amin Ramin described function of the women in the AWCC administration as being very constructive, and said, “AWCC since the past ten years of its operation and Ariana Radio television with its seven years have always been receptive to women becoming equal to men in this generation and have provided improvements and employment opportunities to them.

Afghan Wireless Communication Company and the Ariana Television network founder Senator Engineer Ehsanollah Bayat who was also present at the ceremony addressed Afghan women’s presence in government and non-government offices over the past ten years, and said that the future looked promising.

These two organization’s personnel praised the World’s Women Day celebration and valued the suffering Afghan women.

The Independent Human Rights Commission recently called the past year a very violent one endured by the Afghan women.

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