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40 days passed of Afghan goods stopped in Pakistan

Wed Jan 18, 1:08 pm

Daily fine of $ 150 thousand charged over Afghan commercial goods due to its stop in Pakistan and all of their food items are expected to be spoiled there, Afghan traders said.

A number of Afghan traders importing foods, especially eggs and chickens said over nearly forty days passed but still they are not given permission from Pakistan to enter their goods.

Ministry of Commerce and Industry while confirming these problems said efforts are continuing to the resolve the problems.

Spokesman of Ministry of Commerce and Industry Wahidullah Ghazi Khail said the Deputy Minister has left for Pakistan to discuss the issues with Pak officials.

Mr. Ghazi Khail said this is not the first time that Pakistan is creating problems for Afghan traders. Several times Pakistan has stopped Afghan goods in its country under various pretexts that has brought enormous losses to Afghanistan.

Diplomatic efforts have been done for many times but still have not been effective. Although, bilateral transit agreement has been signed between both countries but Pakistan have not been fully committed to implement the agreement.

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