10:44 pm - Monday 22 September 2014

35 % increase in Aqina port revenues

Sun Feb 26, 12:11 pm

During the last 11 months the revenues of the Andkhoi Customs Department reached 1.7 Billion Afghanis.  This represented a 35% increase over the prior year, according to customs officials.

The Head of the Andkhoi Customs Department; Shahabuddin Bawar, said, “Although ISAF goods and petroleum departments were again exempted from import taxes, overall customs revenues still increased.

“The exemption of the petroleum department and NATO goods from taxes has caused a loss of 2 billion Afghanis. When I began my service in this position, the revenues were only 500 million Afs but today our revenues have reached to two billion which speaks positively for the transparency in our work,” Mr. Bawar said.

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