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33rd anniversary of ‘Kabul Uprising’ honored

Fri Feb 22, 1:58 pm

The National United Party on Thursday celebrated the thirty-third anniversary of the historic uprising of Kabul residents against the Soviet invasion.

The Kabul residents On Feb 22, 1980 (Hout 3rd, 1358 Afghan calendar) rose up against the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan.  The uprising faced harsh reactions from the government at that time and hundreds of inhabitants were killed or wounded.

A number of Parliamentarians, High Peace Council members and hundreds of Kabul residents including the families of uprising victims attended the commemoration ceremony organized by the National United Party on Thursday.

“Afghanistan has never been an invader and has never attacked its neighbors. Afghanistan has always fought against injustice, defended its soil and to preserve the nation and has resisted bravely against foreign invasions. Invaders have never been successful in Afghanistan and have always been defeated,” party leader Wahidullah Sabaoon told the participants.

The uprising began two months after the Red Army of the Soviet Union entered into Afghanistan. However, the Afghan government of that time forcefully stopped the uprising by killing scores of people.

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