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3 killed, 1 injured in foreign troops’ night-raid in Faryab

Sun Mar 18, 3:25 pm

A number of causalities occurred during the night-raids conducted by international forces in Pashtonkot district of northern Faryab province, the residents said.

The Chief of Pashton-kot village development council, Abdul Satar, said about three civilians were killed and one other wounded when the foreign forces carried out night-operations in the Ghartappa village of Faryab province. The dead were women and children, he added.

ISAF media office in a statement has confirmed the incident, saying the operation was launched to arrest the insurgents that were involved in several destruction activities. The statement said the civilian causalities occurred when the rebels continued to use civilians as human shields.

Pashtonkot District Chief Abdul Qadeer said the purpose of the operation was to eliminate the Taliban. He added as a result of that operation one of the local commanders of Taliban, Mullah Yaqoub, was detained but two others were killed.

He confirmed the civilian causalities during the operation but said the exact death toll was not confirmed so far.

The spokesman of Taliban Qari Yusuf Ahmadi has admitted that two Taliban fighters were injured, but most of the victims of the night-raid were civilians.

The Afghan government has called on the international community several times to halt night-raids but still they continue. One of the conditions of Afghan government for signing a strategic alliance with US is the stop of night-raids by foreign forces.

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