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24 Talib insurgents join Peace Process in Nangarhar Province

Wed Sep 19, 3:59 pm

24 individuals who joined the peace process in Nangarhar Province reportedly declared, “We were busy doing destructive activities in the four districts of this Province with support and guidance from Pakistani intelligence and after realizing the facts we decided to join the peace process.”

They asked the Afghan government to provide them with job opportunities and a more peaceful life.

Nangarhar Province Governor Gul Agha Sherzai said, “During the past several years, guided by the Pakistani Intelligence (ISI), these insurgents set road side bombings and coordinated attacks on Afghan and foreign forces in districts like Kot, Baty Kot, Ghani Khail, Achen, Spinghar and Naziyan with the object of killing selected targets of ISI..

They mentioned they were deceived by few Pakistani Intelligence members calling themselves “Religious Olama”.

The head of the Nangarhar Peace Council, Malik Nazir, said, “The Afghan Government will help provide for their security because the Taliban group will try to kill them for joining the peace process.”

According to the local authorities so far 130 individual Talib insurgents have joined the Afghan peace process in this Province.

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