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20 years after the fall of Soviet Union

Tue Dec 27, 12:56 pm

Twenty years have passed since the overthrow of the Soviet Union (USSR). The integration of USSR left significant impacts on Afghanistan and world.

Afghanistan witnessed vast social, political and economic changes. These changes had great importance for geopolitical status of the region and had regional developments.

Those wars left adverse consequences in Afghanistan and super powers used Afghanistan for their battlefield.

Almost, one million Afghan people lost their lives in series of war. Pakistan using different method achieved many benefits from war.

Analysts believe that Pakistan strengthen their army by using their border forces to cooperate international community and Mujahidin during 1980-1992.

According to political analysts Malik Sateez; the US founded a coalition through Pakistan and had strengthened the terror and Islamic forces to implement US strategy to defeat Soviet Union in Afghanistan and take revenge of their defeat in Vietnam.

Although twenty years passed of fall of the Soviet Union but still the people of Afghanistan are affected of remnants of those wars. Ideology of those wars left a shadow on mentality and thoughts of Afghan politicians and the Afghan government failed to launch programs to brush-off those infamous shadows.

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