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2 suicide Bombers arrested before carry out the attacks in Kabul

Sat Nov 24, 1:13 pm

2 suicide Bombers were arrested by Kabul Police forces before they were able to carry out their attacks on 10th of Muharam in Kabul City said Police officials.

The suicide attackers were trying to enter Kabul City early Friday morning but were arrested by Police forces in the East part of the city.

According to the Ministry of Interior Affairs Sediqullah Sedfiq, the 2 suicide bombers were trying to smuggle suicide waist coats inside their Corolla Toyota car into Kabul City.

Based on the comments Sediqullah Sediq made during his press conference with media both suicide bombers were planning to carry out their attacks in 10th of Muharam in Kabul City.

The arrested suicide bombers had previously been directly involved in making suicide vests and in organizing suicide attacks in the country.

The Ministry of Interior Affairs have asked people to report to local police anyone that they believe might be planning to do suicide attacks when they face such suspected persons.

Earlier President Hamid Karzai has urged the people to be very careful during the religious days.

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