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13 women released from Kabul jail

Mon May 14, 1:12 pm

Based on the article 16 of the Presidency, 13 female inmates on Sunday were released from jail on the occasion of 20th anniversary of Mujahedeen’s victory.

These women had been sentenced to imprisonment on the charges of murder, theft and several other crimes. The remaining imprisonment terms of the released prisoners were from 6 months to 2 years according to Sharifullah Sharifi, Head of the Kabul appellate prosecution office.

The officials spoke about the implementation of human rights for women prisoners, but the families of women inmates complained of neglectful handling of their relatives’ cases.

Currently, 186 women accused of theft, murder, and several other cases are imprisoned in Kabul Women’s Prison. Over 50 children are spending their childhood with their mothers inside the prison, officials said.

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