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“Part-time teaching allowance not paid”: Kabul University Professors

Sat May 26, 11:03 am

Kabul University professors complain of not receiving their salaries for teaching part-time students—warn to leave teaching if MOHE failed to pay their fees.

Since last three months they had not received their salaries for teaching nighttime shifts, the teachers complained.

They said late payment of the salaries could leave adverse impacts on the teaching process.

The Ministry of Higher Education should have to focus on the salaries of the teachers if it sought high expectations from the teachers, a Kabul University professor told Ariana TV.

Interviewing to Ariana TV, the spokesman of the Ministry of Higher Education Abdul Azim Noorbakhsh admitted the problems, saying due to the allocation problems some of the universities had not paid part-time allowance to the teachers.

Efforts were underway to resolve the problems, Noorbakhsh said, adding soon the salaries of the part-time university teachers would be distributed.

According to the University Professors, though, the government efforts to improve the education system following the lack of professional cadres in the country, but the lack of attention to the teachers and students can increase the volume of existing problems.

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