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Sales center of Industrial products inaugurated in Herat City

Sat Oct 01, 1:17 pm

Sales center of Industrial products opened in Herat City, costing more than two million dollars.

Officials of Herat’s Chamber of Commerce said:

It is considered that; all products of Herat’s Industries will be brought in this market for sales.

Many officials of industries expressed concern over imports of similar goods from neighbor countries and negligence of government in this regard.

Khalil Ahmad Yarmal director of Herat’s Chamber of Commerce and Industry says:

This center has been created by private sector investors at a cost of two million dollars. Right now, the manufacturing industries can place their produced items in this center to demonstrate and sale their produced goods.

Director of Herat’s Chamber of Commerce and Industry added:

Currently, most of the needed items of citizens of Herat are produced daily in the Industrial City of Herat.

Officials of Herat province say:

The security situation has improved compared to previous years and the number of manufacturing industries is on the rise in Herat Province.

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