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Inhabitants of Wardak Province are also aided by Bayat Foundation

Sat Aug 20, 10:19 am

Bayat Foundation started aiding poor families especially in the Holly Month of Ramadan from Kabul city and now reached to the Wardak Province. Bayat Foundation always aid poor families in this Holly Month. Food Items were distributed in Wardak Province by the officials of Bayat Foundation. Around 100 families were aided by the foundation of Bayat.

Hajji Muhammad Ismail Vice President of Bayat Foundation during the distribution of food items said: “This process will be continued to the other provinces of Afghanistan”. He said: “He appreciates all Afghanis who helped Bayat Foundation in this process”.

Ali Ahmad Khashe Assistant Governor of Wardak Province declared these supports a great act of humanity. He asked all capable personalities to help these pauper families. The families, who were aided, thanked Bayat Foundation and asked the Wealthy people to support them economically. Bayat Foundation aided almost one thousand families in a special support program of Holly Month of Ramadan and their supports are continued.

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