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President has no right to interfere in Olympic committee affairs


Officials in Afghanistan Olympic committee have stated that President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani has no right to determine the heads or members of the following committee, if the following interfering continues the International Olympic commission will stop supports and enforce sanctions for two years.

Hundreds of athletes have staged rally in Kabul the capital city demanding the President of Afghanistan to stop interfering into Olympic committee affairs.

The rally was led by the head of Afghanistan Olympic committee Zahir Aghbar.

Demonstrators have ended up with physical clash with the police officials of National security directorate department of 16 as the result Col, Ajmal who was trying to prevent them was beaten by.

Head of Olympic committee Zahir Aghabar has rejected the allegations saying our rally was peaceful, and civic.

“We have had no clash with anyone, our demonstration was peaceful and civic, we have held it not to occupy any political chairs only to defend our rights head of Olympic committee Zahir Aghbar said,”

Meanwhile head of the Taekwondo department Mohammad Humayon said,” heads for Olympic committee is selected by the boarding committee, President doesn’t have the right to select heads.”

Due to internal issues head of the Olympic committee named Fahim Hashimi was dismissed from his position eight months ago after long disputes and discussion Zahir Aghabar the head for Afghanistan Olympic committee was chosen for four years.

Reported by Ali Asghari

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