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Pentagon Claims ‘Zero Chance of Civilian Casualties’ in Nangarhar’s Airstrike

(Last Updated On: August 13, 2017 9:07 am)

The U.S. strike in the Haska Mena district of eastern Nangarhar Province on Thursday targeted militants and resulted in no civilian casualties contrary to reports, United States Forces-Afghanistan spokesman Bob Purtiman said.

Media outlets reported earlier in the day that at least 16 civilians died in an airstrike in the area.

“The militants were observed loading weapons into a vehicle and were under surveillance until the vehicle was destroyed by an airstrike,” said Bob Purtiman, a spokesman. “The strike was conducted in the middle of open terrain. There was zero chance of civilian casualties.”

He said it was the “second false claim” of civilian deaths in the district within the past three weeks.

Purtiman reiterated that U.S. forces take all allegations of civilian casualties seriously and review each case fully, as well as take precautions in a way to minimize harm to Afghan civilians.

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