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Parliament Summons Minister of Energy to Clarify over Water Management

(Last Updated On: July 17, 2017 5:06 pm)

The Lower House of Parliament has summoned the minister of energy and water on Monday’s hearing session to clarify about water management of the country.

The minister of water, Ali Ahmad Osmani says neighboring countries are always trying to use the maximum level of Afghanistan’s water.

Osmani noted that the ministry has effective programs for the water management and creation of dams, but the existence of challenges including lack of security and enough budgets have caused the implementation process of projects face failure.

“We have five water zones in the country, and we have four water zones with Iran and this country faces lack of water which currently found problems with water management of Afghanistan,” said Ali Ahmad Osmani.

He further added that Afghanistan with having about 40 billion cubic meters of water can solve many of its challenges if the water is properly managed and used effectively.

“We need to create infrastructures, we have built nearly forty dams in the past two years,” Osmani said.

In the meantime, chairman of the Lower House said the water management program should be seriously supported.

“The Lower House supports water of the country which is our national interests. A practical policy should be made for preventing countries to not use Afghanistan’s water,” said Abdul Rauf Ibrahimi, chairman of Parliament.

This comes as Afghanistan can reach self-sufficiency with its water resources, but the challenges have caused neighboring countries misuse these opportunities.

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