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Neighboring Countries Should Support Afghan Gov’t Not Taliban: Official

(Last Updated On: March 05, 2017 10:36 am)

vlcsnap-2017-03-04-19h38m38s105The Imam Sahib District Governor Amanullah Quraishi said on Saturday that neighboring countries should provide weapons to Afghan Government not to Taliban.

Imam sahib District Governor Amanullah Quraishi said, “I demand the neighboring countries to support the legal Afghanistan Government not the enemies of the law , system and the Nation.”

Police commander in Imam sahib said reports are there that Taliban are using Russian weapons.

The Police operation chief of Imam sahib said,  “ Russia provides weapons to Taliban through Tajikistan-Afghanistan joint border, the weapons come in through boat and ark reports received.”

Meanwhile the local police chief of Imam sahib Nasiri said, “it’s clear that Taliban receive weapons from our neighboring countries if they are not how could find and where?.”

Taliban are trying to erupt the war incoming spring but Afghan security officials spoke about the full preparation.

One Afghan security force said, “Enemies are in front of us, we do not have sufficient weapons and ammunition, we don’t receive proper supplies, we demand the Government to provide more supplies for us.”

At the end the Imam sahib district Governor warned that if the air supports doesn’t come in time to pound the Taliban training centers it will be a big risk to the security of the district, Taliban are recruiting forces in their ranks in Imam sahib district.

Reported by: Ali Jawad Asghari

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