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MPs Accuse President Ghani of Violating Constitution

Parliman 20-3-2017-DARI-SOT.mpg_snapshot_00.23_[2017.03.20_18.29.09]The first deputy speaker of parliament accused President Ghani of violating the constitution, saying the violation made the governance process challenging.

Homayoun Homayoun has declared that no one is far and above the law and enforcing the law is the responsibility of the government.

“President Ghani has violated the constitution in several cases. Ghani should not imagine that he is the only good one,” said Homayoun Homayoun, first deputy speaker of the lower house.

He also emphasized that the summoning process of ministers will not change and they will be summoned in the specified time

“The summoning process will not change and this decision was taken in board leadership,” Homayoun added.

Representatives in the parliament stressed that the government is obliged to implement governance programs based on the constitution and does not victimize the current challenges.

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