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Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe puts Afghanistan case on top priority

Thu Oct 20, 1:59 pm

Lithuania, Chairmanship of the Organization this year said:

“Further efforts should be make to co-ordinate with international actor to ensure peace and stability in Afghanistan”

France reported about the withdrawal of 200 French troops from Afghanistan.

ATN reporter Nasir Ahmadi report from Germany:

Rytis Paulauskas, Chairman of OSCE, while addressing at NATO Euro-Atlantic Partnership Council in Brussels, said:

“Security and stability in Afghanistan will have a direct impact on the security of the Central Asia and the all member states of OSCE“.

He stressed:

“The OSCE will try in co-ordination with the United Nations, NATO and European Union to ensure stability in Afghanistan”.

The chairman of OSCE expressed:

“OSCE’s engagement with Afghanistan one of its main priorities”

According to Rytis Paulauskas:

“It’s hope that the international community, especially the upcoming Regional Conference on Afghanistan in Istanbul and International Afghanistan Conference in Bonn in December will make important decisions”.

France has announced that:

“First group of 200 French soldiers were withdrawn from Afghanistan”.

According to French Press report, the withdrawals of these soldiers are based on the decision of French President Nicolas Sarkozy, which he made in July 2011.

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