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Kabul City Safeguards Make Capital Seem Like A ‘Military Base’

(Last Updated On: January 10, 2017 9:05 am)


The presence of Afghan Security Forces from different institutions working to neutralize the winter security threats within the city, the installation of concrete blocks and barriers, and the sealing off of public streets makes Kabul City seem like a military base.

Ministry of Interior Affairs [spokesperson], Najeebullah Danish said, “No department and individual has received permission from [the Ministry] to use concrete barriers for further safeguarding.”

The statement from the Ministry of Interior Affairs comes amid private sales of concrete barriers in Kabul City. One of the concrete barrier sellers in Kabul said, “We pay taxes for building concrete barriers.” One concrete barrier costs $500 and one armored mobile check point costs $1500.

Former military expert Hadi Quraishi said, “[The] Government should prevent security threats through gathering [of] intelligence information; increasing number of security forces within the city does not resolve the issue.”

Sealing off most of the public streets, which helps protect some governmental departments, has also caused difficulties for the residents of Kabul City. The Ministry of Interior Affairs has insisted that the concrete barriers be removed, but it seems that a number of departments and institutions have increased their use of concrete barriers.

Reported by: Bais Hayat

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