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ISIS Militants Prepare for Military Operations in Kunar

(Last Updated On: April 17, 2017 9:20 am)


Officials in Kunar province warn of growing ISIS terror activities, citing the group has trained roughly 500 fighters so far.

Waheed Kalimzai, the spokesperson for Kunar province says,  “ISIS armed militants along with 9 other insurgent groups use mines and wood as their primary funding sources.  ISIS has been recruiting fighters since one year and now they have enough prepared them to start large-scale military operations against Afghanistan National Security Forces.”

According to Kalimzai; ISIS  and 9 other groups are actively operating in different parts of Kunar province.  Military officials confirm that ISIS seeks unemployed residents and tries to recruit them. Afghanistan’s Chief of Staff Ali Murad said,  “They hugely misuse of people’s joblessness and further press them to join their gangs.”

While U.S officials have called 2017 as the final year for ISIS presence in Afghanistan, disturbing signals indicate the group is not weakened but gaining strength during the past two years.

Reported by: Fawad Naseri

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