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The first campaign was launched in Kabul to prevent burns

Wed Sep 07, 1:19 pm

Rate of Burn incidents has risen this year than last year.

Ministry of Public Health said:

12% of these cases (self-immolation) have been attempted by women and the other cases due to use of (worst quality) fuel.

Officials of this ministry declared self-immolations due to family violence and use of worst quality of fuels.

The first “burn prevention campaign” launched by the Public Health Ministry in Kabul.

Soraya Daleel, head of Public Health told about self-burnings.

Currently, burn cases are treated in three Hospitals. Two of them (Istiqlal and Andragandhy Hospitals) are at Kabul City and the third one (Burn Hospital) is at Herat City.

According to Ms. Soraya:

During the past 17 months, 22 thousan

“Their efforts are to raise awareness of use of fuel burn, to reduce burn cases in the country”.

According to official statistics, at least d cases of burns have been recorded in the hospitals.

Officials of Public Health Ministry said:

234 people lost their lives last year due to self-burning

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