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Self-immolations are increased in Herat City

Sun Sep 04, 8:43 am

Although this girl regrets for her worst action but insists that: If she survives, she will take her divorce from her husband. Officials of Heart Burn Hospital said: 48 self-immolation incidents are recorded in hospital in past 5 months. Recent self-immolation of women and men in the western provinces of the country has become a serious social challenge. Every year, more than fifty women lose their lives in the self-immolation due to domestic violence, poverty, unemployment, drug addiction, and forced marriages.

Reporter of ATN reported that: Fattaneh, who was forced by her family to marry at twelve years of age in Badghis Province, had said: “She did self-immolation due to routine violence”. She stressed. She will take her divorce if she survives, but her relatives were not willing to discuss.

Doctor Arif Jalaly official of Herat Hospital said: This is a serious social challenge but no action has been taken so far to fix it.

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