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A 3-day Seminar on “Review Health Strategy” starts in Kabul

Thu Jan 26, 12:15 pm

Afghan government asked all armed oppositions not to interrupt health services across Afghanistan.  The officials also called international community for further cooperation and support for better health services in Afghanistan.

Second Vice President Mohammad Karim Khalili in said health sectors is one the important sectors and called on anti-government militants not to interrupt health services.   Mr. Khalili in added security and health sector may face serious challenges if international community does not take necessary measures to enhance capabilities.

Meanwhile, Acting Health Minister Suraya Daleel stated that this seminar focuses on the aspects of Health Ministry Strategic Plan for 2011 to 2015.  She added that the international community may decrease their assistance to Afghanistan after 2014 and desire international community continue political and financial support for expanding health services in Afghanistan.

While these concerns are expressed, the international community has committed in second Bonn Conference that they will continue their cooperation and assistance in Afghanistan after 2014.

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