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Gov’t Still Has No Intention to Launch Electronic ID Cards:IEC

(Last Updated On: January 08, 2017 8:13 pm)

6Members at Independent Election Commission (IEC) have declared that having Electronic National Identity Cards is essential for more transparency of the upcoming Elections, amid the Government does not have concrete decision to start the National process.

Independent Election Commission spokesman Abdul Badih Sayad said, “Electronic National Identity Card is a long term process, therefore the Government of Afghanistan does not have concrete decision to start the process, we have used other options to turn the National ID Cards valuable, discussions are underway to pick either the National Identity cards or issued voting cards to install the stickers.”

Meanwhile former chief of the Independent Election Commission Fazel Ahmad Manawi declared having Electronic National Identity cards important insisted that Government does not have political intention to launch the process.

“We not only hold a transparent Election, but also we will witness Election full of fraud and defalcation.” Former chief of the Independent Election Commission Fazel Ahmad Manawi said.

Officials in Presidential palace have claimed that Government does have serious decision in implementation of the Electronic National Identity Cards process to be launched in short term.

President Deputy Spokesman Shah Hussien Murtzavi said, “Law on population registration has been confirmed by the cabinet members, the technical issues and tasks were given to Ministry of Interior Affairs, sufficient intention is underway to launch the National process, and Government of Afghanistan is committed to launch practical measurements on the aspect.”

Experts believed that one of the main ways to gain the trusts in National and International level about Election is launch the Electronic National Identity Cards in the country.

Reported by: Nawid Bahar

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