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Ex-President Karzai Calls ISIS “Stooge” of U.S.

Karzai1Afghan former president Hamid Karzai while speaking with VOA says, ISIS-Daesh group is nothing more than a stooge for U.S.

Karzai declared, there is no difference between U.S. and ISIS in Afghanistan.

According to Karzai, Taliban has widened their geographic influence up to half of Afghanistan, and no one should deny the existence of the group in Afghanistan.

He believes Taliban is a clear reality of Afghanistan, which no one can deny it simply.

The experienced politician say, Russia has all rights to have any contact it wants with Taliban.

While rumors spreading around of Russia’s secret connections with Taliban, the Russian ambassador to Kabul deny any such ties with Taliban, citing “Russia does not have any secret agenda with Taliban. We are not in any political rivalry with U.S. over Afghanistan. We’ve supported the peace and reconciliation between Afghan government and Taliban.”

Afghan government repeatedly warned of any support for Taliban and asked the regional countries to instead assist Afghanistan in its counter terrorism efforts.


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