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Ex-Afghan Policeman Hangs Himself in Prison

(Last Updated On: January 04, 2017 12:51 pm)

sarepulA former Afghan police who was in detention for military violations hanged himself on Tuesday in north of Afghanistan.

Local officials said, the individual named Abdul Ghafoor, was an ex-policeman of public protection unit in Sare Pul province. Ghafoor was sentenced to one and half years in prison for military violations.

Mohammad Noor Rahmani, chief of Sare Pul provincial council told Ariana News,” reportedly the inmate has executed himself inside the prison after the dawn on Tuesday due to inappropriate behavior of officials in the prison”.

At the same time provincial governor spokesman, Zabihullah Amani who was speaking with the reporters said,” Abdul Ghafoor was originally from Baghawi village of Sare Pul. He was in Sare Pul prison for violating military service law”.

The spokesman added that investigations are underway to find the motive behind the incident.

The incident happens at a time when several complaints were heard from prisoners about their dire condition.

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