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Ethnic Turk Tribes Halt Supports for CE Abdullah

(Last Updated On: September 21, 2016 8:10 pm)

11The ethnic Turk tribes in Afghanistan during a gathering have halted their political supports given to Chief of Executive Abdullah Abdullah for not meeting their goals, increasing of insecurity, corruption, unemployment, poverty, ethnicity, language bias and not holding the election and Loya Jirga were the main issues which caused the separation.

Former Mine and Petroleum Minister Waheedullah Shahrani said,” The main object of the gathering is to end legitimacy crisis in order to pave new way for the people and help to resolve the main National issue.”

“We announce that Chief Executive Abdullah Abdullah will not have our political supports with him anymore Former Mp Rahman Oghly said,”

Meanwhile members of the parliament who have attended the gathering have accused the National Unity Government leaders.

Law maker AbdulQadirZazai said,” Both leaders have fought over the chairs, they never take practical steps what the National Unity Government political agreement insists, no election reformation launched, they have failed to hold Loya Jirga, in one and half year they couldn’t choose their Ministers.”

“ We come together to announce that Chief Executive Abdullah Abdullah will not have the ethnic Turk tribes political supports with him anymore, there is no friendship unless the National interests is not maintained lower house member AbdulSatar Darzabi said,”

National Unity Government was established both leaders have failed to implement the political agreement of their Government since two years.

Reported by Abdul Aziz Karimi

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