Drug Dealing in Pul-e Charkhi Prison; Majority of Inmates Suffer Addiction

(Last Updated On: July 05, 2017 9:22 pm)

A number of released inmates from Pul-e Charkhi prison claimed most of the prisoners have been addicted to drugs in this jail, citing there are some circles inside the prison who transfer the drugs.

Recently, 112 inmates released from Pul-e Charkhi prison according to President’s decree.

“Our brothers come with dignity and pride, but they become addicted and release with bad health conditions. Their lives ruined and loose family,” said one of the prisoners.

Another prisoner claims that the majority of the inmates become addicted in the prison.

However, chief of Pul-e Charkhi prison does not reject the transfer of drugs inside the prison but says they are trying to prevent the transfer of drugs inside the jail.

“In some cases, they replace the drugs in their midst and women in their hair,” said Muhammad Tawab Ahmad Zai, chief of Pul-e Charkhi prison.

Pol e Charkhi is a notorious prison where many people, arrested on flimsy charges, were buried alive by the government forces in late 1970s.

In recent years, American advisers helped the Afghans set up a separate police agency and court for drug dealers. The goal was to insulate narcotics prosecutions from the rampant corruption elsewhere.

So far, American officials say, the approach appears to be working, although it is unclear whether it will have any long-term effect on drug trafficking here, which is soaring.

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