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Command, Control Center Opens in Kabul Garrison

(Last Updated On: April 20, 2017 7:55 pm)

CaptureThe Command and Control Center of Kabull Garrison opened with $ 320 Thousand financial and technical assistance of the Georgia country.

The center is mobilized with some latest detective tools. The Kabul Garrison chief says, the tools would further enhance the capabilities of the unit in on-time detection operations.

“The equipment we received today will enable us to develop measures to insure Kabul security and real-time assessments,” Ghulam Nabi Ahmadzai, Kabul Garrison Chief said.

The security official stresses on bringing much needed reforms in security institutions, as he defines irregularities in those institutions so worrying.

“We have to start bringing reforms from our own. We have a tough fight with enemies, but bringing reforms in our institutions is as equal,” Ahmadzai stressed.

Kabul has long been a victim of city crimes, that made the daily life of millions residents of the city intolerable in some ways.

Just recently, a famous business man has been kidnapped from near of his house by armed unknown people, whom reportedly released back through police.

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