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Police Arrests Suicide Bomber in Kabul City

The Afghan Police foiled a terrorist suicide attack by arresting a suicide bomber in Khair-Khana area of the capital, Kabul. Kabul Police operational personnel in a special operation detained the suicide bomber with a suicide vest, ring grenades, A pistol Camry and a Pakistani passport in 11th security headquarters of …

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Pres. Ghani’s Criticism of Appointments within MoFA is ‘Understandable’

The Foreign Affairs Ministry (MoFA) says President Ashraf Ghani’s criticism of appointments within the ministry is “understandable”. President Ghani on Monday during the third annual European Union Anti-Corruption Conference said that diplomats in the Foreign Ministry have been appointed not based on their eligibility but hired more of patronage. “Ministry …

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“MoI, Heart of Corruption in Security Institutions”

President Ashraf Ghani during the European Union’s 2017 anti-corruption campaign conference held in the Presidential Palace said the Ministry of Interior (MoI) is the heart of corruption in security institutions. In his inaugural speech at the European Union’s third annual Anti-Corruption Conference in Kabul, Ghani acknowledged having wasted billions of …

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Mixed Reactions as Daesh Leader Killed in Afghanistan

Afghan defense ministry says killing of Daesh leader in Afghanistan will shock the group and will have a negative impact over the group’s destructive activities in east of the country. Mohammad Radmanish, deputy spokesperson for the ministry said,” killing of one or several influential persons are important, not only Abdul …

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