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ICG: Political Polarization Weakens ANSF

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The International Crisis Group (ICG) in its recent report has written that the Afghan national security forces have been politically polarized. Based on the report, the problem has cost the security forces to lose its superiority against its sworn enemies. “Political polarization has reached to all levels of security forces …

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Modernization Is the Only Way Forward


The government representative for public reforms, Ahmad Zia Masoud while speaking says the current conflicts and instability won’t be finished unless Afghanistan moves forward upgrading its educational system. Masoud believes educational institutions across the country deeply lack quality, citing most lecturers don’t have required academic capacities. “One of the main …

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Afghanistan Exposes World Powers Rivalries: Senate


Afghan senators are voicing concerns over growing Russian-American political tensions warn the government to follow a neutral policy. The legislators say, if Afghanistan shouldn’t adopt such a constructive policy in the region that would further escalate instability in the country. “Afghanistan must not become a victim of the world power …

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