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Explosion Occurs in Kabul

Afghan security officials say an explosion took place in the 8th police district around 11:30 AM today in Kabul. Sources told Ariananews the blast was an Improvised explosive device and no causalities have been reported so far. No group including the Taliban has claimed responsibility for the explosion.  

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U.S. Sending 100 More Marines to Afghanistan

The U.S. is sending about 100 more Marines to the Helmand Province to help the 300 Americans who are already there advising and assisting Afghan security forces, according to U.S. defense officials, The U.S. officials said this deployment is not tied to the Trump administration’s long-awaited new South Asia strategy, …

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Government Targets ‘Zero Tolerance’ on Corruption: Ghani

Government aims “zero tolerance” attitude towards fighting corruption mainly, in security sector which undermines the success of Afghan security forces against the insurgents in the country, says President Ashraf Ghani. Addressing a gathering on the government’s campaign against the corruption in security institutions at the Presidential Palace, Ghani said: “We …

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