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Afghan Government Unable to Ensure Security

Reacted furiously over the deadly attack on Shaheen corps in Mazar-e-Sharif, the parliamentarians ask that when the security institutions are unable to ensure their own security, they would never ensure security of others. The parliamentarians stress, the current conflict strategy is not responding to encounter the growing threats against Afghanistan.  …

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Command, Control Center Opens in Kabul Garrison

The Command and Control Center of Kabull Garrison opened with $ 320 Thousand financial and technical assistance of the Georgia country. The center is mobilized with some latest detective tools. The Kabul Garrison chief says, the tools would further enhance the capabilities of the unit in on-time detection operations. “The …

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Baghlan Education Chief Survives Armed Attack

An Afghan official says Baghlan education chief, Ghulam Muhiuddin Paikan, survived an armed attack on Wednesday while one of his security guards killed and another wounded. Ahmad Bashir Aryan, a spokesperson for Baghlan education directorate told Ariana News,” early this morning, Mr. Paikan came under the attack of irresponsible gunmen …

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